Frequently Asked Questions

JIIC is an initiative by Enterprise Singapore and JTC to further sustainability and circular economy goals on Jurong Island through the development and testbedding of innovative solutions. 

The focus areas under JIIC include Water and Waste Management, Energy Management, and Emissions Reduction. 

Qualified innovators may be considered for funding support from Enterprise Singapore under the Enterprise Track or the Industry Track.

Enterprise Track (click here for more information)

Awarded solvers are required to submit an application for the grant through the Business Grant Portal. More information on documents required for submission can be found in the application form in BGP. The proposal and agreement will then be reviewed by Enterprise Singapore to determine the final amount of funding.

Industry Track (click here for more information)

Awarded solvers are required to submit an application for grant at a later stage (if shortlisted). More information on documents required for submission will be shared. The proposal and agreement will then be reviewed by Enterprise Singapore to determine the final grant amount.

Payments by Enterprise Singapore to the Participant are solely on a reimbursement basis, in Singapore currency, and are conditional upon submission of duly completed forms to Enterprise Singapore and by the claim deadline(s) as stated in the Letter of Offer, failing which, Enterprise Singapore reserves the right to refuse payment.

Awarded innovators, depending on the challenge statements, would be eligible to tap funding from either the Enterprise Track or Industry Track 

Other than funding support from Enterprise Singapore, successful innovators would gain mentorship and guidance from Challenge Statement Owners and access to a diverse pool of ecosystem partners such as accelerators, incubators, venture capital investors, institutes of higher learning and research institutes. 

Yes. Innovators can partner another company, institutes of higher learning or research institutes to apply for the challenge. 

Overseas innovators are welcome to submit proposals for the JIIC. However, they would need to form partnerships with a local innovator to qualify for funding support.  

Public researcher(s) can participate by either: 

  1. Registering a new spin-off to license the technology, led by a committed and capable team. 
  1. Submitting a joint proposal with industry partners (the industry partner has to co-develop the solution, lead the proposal submission and eventually commercialise the proposed solution). Additionally, specific to NIC Challenge Statements, separate funding may be provided by National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore to public researchers to collaborate with enterprises for POC/prototyping and pilot deployment. This funding will be for IHLs/RIs’ incurred cost and will not overlap with funding of enterprises’ costs. IHLs/RIs would require the endorsement of their Innovation and Enterprise Office (IEO). For additional details, please refer to your respective IEO. 

The background IP will reside with the innovator as this is what they bring forward as part of the proposal. Any foreground IP developed through the programme phases will be open for negotiation between the Challenge Statement Owner, innovator(s) and/or other relevant parties. 

Yes. Should the innovator choose to work with more than one CSO, the innovator would need to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with the respective CSOs to protect the interests of the CSOs that they would be working with. 

Proposals will be evaluated by the evaluation committee consisting of Enterprise Singapore, JTC, relevant government agencies and representatives from Challenge Statement Owners. Proposals will be evaluated based on criteria such as technical feasibility, value proposition, business model feasibility, growth potential, project team’s experience, and innovation impact. 

The evaluation process may take up to 3 – 4 months and innovators will be notified of the outcome once the evaluation process has been completed.